Usage Directions

Easy steps:
1) To record, just press and hold the green record button. Release the button when you are done recording.
2) To play a message, press and release the Play button. If you press it again, it will play the next Message in the list.
3) To erase a message, you must first play the message you wish to erase and then press and release the Erase button while the green light is still blinking. 
Advanced Features:

1) To repeat a message, just press and release the Repeat Message button while the message is playing.
2) To play a previous message in the list of messages, press and release the Repeat button twice rapidly (double click it).
3) To increase the volume of the speaker, press and release the Increase Volume button. Each time you press the button the volume will increase (will be louder up to its maximum).
4) To decrease the volume of the speaker, press and release the Decrease Volume button. Each time you press the button the volume will decrease (will be less loud) to a minimum volume.

The Folder Feature:

If you have a lot of messages, it may be helpful to categorize the messages by placing your messages into different folders. Press and release the Select Folder button to select which folder (Red, Yellow, or Green) you’d like to record to. Each time you press the Select Folder button the next folder light will come on. If you keep pressing the button, it will keep cycling through all three folders. Once you have the folder selected that you want then record your message as you normally would.

Once you record a message into a folder, for example the Yellow Folder, then in order to hear that message you will need to select that folder with the Select Folder button if the Yellow Folder isn’t already selected. MemClick will stay both record and playback from which ever folder you have selected.

Charging the MemClick battery:

1) Plug the charging cable (with a MicroUSB connector) into the charging port on MemClick, then plug the other end (standard USB connector) into any active USB port. A green light will glow in the upper left corner to let you know that it is charging.
2) Whenever the battery is charged, a green light will glow in the upper right corner. Depending on how discharged the battery was it may take up to 8 hours to charge the battery.
3) Your MemClick will automatically recharge the battery as needed as long as it is plugged in. The MemClick will automatically stop charging and wait to recharge the battery in order to prolong the life of the battery. When it is waiting to recharge the battery the green light in the upper right corner will turn off.